Member Services Committees Area Officers Meetings


All District Archives Chairpersons, Committee Chairperson and Committee Secretary/Treasurer, elected by Third  Legacy Procedure in even years, and approved by the Area Committee.


Provides a forum to Districts to share experience among the archivists who carry the message in Area 15. The Committee maintains an archival history of the actions of the Area 15 Committee transacted at its business meetings, as recorded in the printed minutes and audio tape(s), which are forwarded to the committee by the Area Recording Secretary. (Audio tapes are retained for a minimum of six months.) Other appropriate history will be preserved, as requested by other Area committees.


The Committee meets at each Area 15 Quarterly. The Chair reports activities to the Area Committee orally at the business meeting, and in written form for inclusion in the Area Minutes. Minutes of its own business are provided to its members. Provides the Area Finance Committee with an annual request for funds in October.

Local Waiver Form for recording AA Members

Appraisals for Archives Materials

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