Member Services Committees Area Officers Meetings



• Distributes the preliminary and final Conference Agendas when received.
• Chairs the April Assembly and obtains the group conscience on Conference agenda
• Attends the General Service Conference in April, well prepared.
• Sends the Early Bird Conference Edition of Box 4-5-9 to the Area Officers, Area
Committee Chairs, District Chairs, District DCMs, and Past Delegates of the South
Florida Area.
• Reports the results of the General Service Conference to the South Florida Area.
• Visits each District in Area 15 to give a Conference Report, if invited, at the
District’s expense, except when the District requests financial assistance for travel
• Distributes the Conference Final Reports to all Districts in the South Florida Area.
• Chairs the Area Committee business meeting when the Area Chairperson is not
• Chairs the October voting assembly.
• Presents an oral and written informational report at Area Quarterly business
• Serves as a communication channel between G.S.O. and the South Florida Area.
• Represents South Florida Area as stipulated in Area resolutions.
• Keeps the Alternate Delegate fully informed.
• Provides the Finance Committee with Delegate’s budget request at budget time.
• Returns all unspent budgeted funds to the Area Treasurer by December 31st of that
budgeted year.
• Provides the South Florida Area with a complete financial report of the previous
year at the first Quarterly of each year, per resolution.
• Upon rotation, co-chairs the Current Practices Committee for 4 years and serves on
the Finance Committee for 2 years.


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